Upper Key Stage 2 (Upper Juniors)

Learning in Year 5 and 6

In Year 5 and 6, projects are taught over a 2 year cycle.

Every Advent (autumn) Term is a History based project; every Lent (spring) Term is a Geography based project and every Pentecost (summer) Term is based around Art/ Design and Technology and/ or the wider world.

Some subjects sometimes link in with the main ‘topic’ – such as science and computing; others stand alone – such as French, PE and PSHE.

YEAR AAdvent TermLent TermPentecost Term
Project TitleBritish Invaders: Enlighteners or Aggressors?Would you like to sail the seven seas?Are you going to the moon?
Main subject linksRoman, Anglo-Saxons, VikingsCountries of the worldEarth, sun and moon (explored through science and Art/ DT)
YEAR BAdvent TermLent TermPentecost Term
Project TitleIs everyone equal? Has it always been that way?Would you prefer to live in Ilkeston or New York?Is a simple life a better life?
Main subject linksA history of equality - looking especially at gender and raceA geographical study of the USAStone Age/ Iron Age (explored through Art/ DT)

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