Lower Key Stage 2 (Lower Juniors)

Learning in Year 3 and 4

In Year 3 and 4, projects are taught over a 2 year cycle.

Every Advent (autumn) Term is a History based project; every Lent (spring) Term is a Geography based project and every Pentecost (summer) Term is based around Art/ Design and Technology and/ or the wider world.

Some subjects sometimes link in with the main ‘topic’ – such as science and computing; others stand alone – such as French, PE and PSHE.

Year 4 take part in the ‘Wider Opportunities’ music partnership for their music learning for the year and children learn either the violin or cello.

YEAR AAdvent TermLent TermPentecost Term
Project TitleWhat have ancient cultures done for us?Where in the UK would you like to live?Where can our Imagination take us?
Main subject linksEgyptians and Ancient GreeceA study of the geography of the UKNew ART/ DT topic for 2023
YEAR BAdvent TermLent TermPentecost Term
Project TitleDoes anyone ever really win a war?What happens when the world fights back?How Can We Take Care of God’s Creation?
Main subject linksWorld Wars 1 and 2A geographical study of the natural disasters including volcanoesA study of the environmental issues faced by the modern world

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