Our dress code encourages children’s pride in their appearance and to increase their feeling of belonging to a caring school.

Summer uniform is from Easter to October half term.

Please read the full uniform policy.  Key areas are highlighted below.

Children should come to school dressed in accordance with the code below:


  • White shirt/ blouse with a school tie
  • Charcoal grey trousers/ green skirt/ pinafore dress
  • Green school jumper/ cardigan
  • With trousers – Dark, plain socks/ green tights
  • With skirt/ dress – Green tights or white socks
  • Black shoes

Summer – optional changes

  • Polo shirts (without a tie) can be worn in place of a shirt/ blouse (if a shirt/ blouse is worn – a tie must also be worn)
  • Charcoal grey shorts
  • Green/ white checked gingham dresses can be worn in place of a skirt/ pinafore dress
  • Black or brown sandals

PE Days

  • Plain or school branded white t shirt
  • Plain black shorts or joggers/ PE leggings/ tracksuit trousers
  • Trainers or plimsols
  • A plain bottle green hoodie/ sweatshirt may also be worn – or a school jumper/ cardigan. School branded PE hoodies can be ordered directly from motifs.co.uk. Please see order form here

St Thomas hoodies order form

Hair and Jewellery

• Long hair should be tied back in a green headband or bobble
• No jewellery should be worn other than a watch and stud earrings. There should also be no nail varnish or make-up
• All children need to bring a coat to school when the weather is cold for play times.
• No large bags should be bought into school – we encourage all children to use a book bag
• Please make sure that all clothes are labelled.


All children will be taken swimming while they are in Year 5. They will need a swimming costume and a towel. If children have long hair they will need to wear a swimming hat.

Swimming – in this instance – is not classed as PE so on swimming days children must be in full uniform.

Uniform Policy

Uniform Suppliers

St Thomas Catholic Primary School (hamiltons.biz)

St. Thomas Catholic Primary School (Ilkeston) Archives – Schoolwear Solutions

School branded items such as jumpers, cardigans, book bags are available from Morleys and Hamiltons.

Tesco also do a limited range (online)