Our Mission and Values

At St Thomas’, our Mission Statement is

‘We serve God when we work and play together’

This is reflected in our school prayer:

‘Oh Lord, Bless our school that working together and playing together we may learn to serve you and serve one another’

This statement encapsulates our aim that everything that we do, say, learn and experience will be set within the context of faith. We strive to ensure that pupils leave St. Thomas’ with faith in themselves, faith in others and faith in God; thereby possessing the values needed to live well in society and to deal effectively with the challenges that the modern world presents.

All of our staff share this vision and recognise children as unique individuals with specific God-given talents and needs. They work tirelessly to provide a varied and engaging curriculum and a positive school experience. St Thomas’ truly is a special place to work, play and serve.

At the heart of our learning community are the following Gospel values:


These values were agreed and decided on by all staff and children – and are shared by all.

The Mission and these values were refreshed in 2020/21.

Children reflect these during their time in school – older children look after the younger children especially at break and lunchtimes; children of all ages regularly arrange charity sales and games for causes that matter to them; children can reflect when things have gone wrong and respond honestly and they build friendships that last a lifetime.